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Best Places to Hunt in the United States

Hunting is very popular in the United States, and provided that you know what you are doing, is also one of the safest and rewarding sports/past times this side of the world. However, if you really want to maximize the experience, you should go for the places that are considered as the best places for hunting due to cost efficiency, ease of access, deer population, and less complicated process when it comes to securing a hunting license. These places include:

Dallas, Texas

Home of the famed Greystone Castle Sporting Club, Dallas Texas is your destination if you want to hunt a whitetail deer, as the place is known for their massive population. The only downside to Dallas is that its popularity can also be a hindrance. There is an immense population of hunters, so it can get a bit crowded in there as you all vie for the same prey.

Floyd, Georgia

The white tail deer population in Georgia has only increased in the past few years, which means it is not yet as popular a destination as Dallas so there’s not a lot of competition. Do keep in mind that there are concerns with depopulation due to a number of disease outbreaks in the past few years, but assuming the Floyd County hunters are doing a great job at keeping the population stable, while reporting a 55% success rate.

Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa, particularly Des Moines, is known for having a particularly high deer population. Assuming that you are hunting legally, you stand a great chance of bringing home a venison. The only down side here is that procuring a hunting license will cost more if you are not a resident. Hunting license costs amount to $123 and an application period of one month, which is a huge markup over the $30 cost that residents of Iowa are charged.

Quincy, Illinois

Quincy deserves a top spot in any list of hunting places in he US, as it is located in what’s called the “Golden Triangle” of Illinois deer hunting. It’s the place to go if you want to bring home a trophy buck, and is very close to Mississippi and Iowa, which means they also get the popular white tale deer roaming around. Additionally, Quincy also provides a lot of recreational activities that hunters can engage in while waiting for their time in the stands.